Leading Cause of Death - Heart Attack


Based on statistical data, the number one killer among all diseases is Heart Attack. In most cases, people ignore early signals of heart attack and usually denies that these could be life threatening.

Study shows that most of the damage of to the heart occurs during the early stage of the attack (first 2 hours). Considering this situation, rapid intervention is necessary to insure lesser damage or insure that the patient will survive.

Unfortunately however, most cases of mild heart attack are not often recognized and are often disregarded. Denial is a common factor to any people suffering from health problems.

Signs of Heart Attack

- squeezing stabbing pain at the center of the chest
- may become more intense with physical activity
- usually accompanied with fainting, sweating, shortness of breath
- often confused with indigestion or heart burn
- pain may radiate down the left arm, across the shoulders, neck, jaw, or back

It is best to know these signs and and if possible to call for assistance once this signs are present to insure that lifesaving care can be provided immediately if the situation gets worst.

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