CPR Training guide



CPR training is a must for every individual. Whenever a person stops breathing or goes into cardiac arrest due to sudden illness or injuries, the chances of survival can be increased if CPR is given immediately and in the proper way.

To effectively apply Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, it is important that one must have an idea as to how the system works. The heart is the pumping organ of our body. It is approximately the same size as your fist and it pumps oxygenated blood towards the head and the feet as well as to all the organs of our body.

During the process of inhalation, the lungs take in oxygen. The oxygen is carried and distributed to the body through the blood passing through the vessels we call the arteries. Once the oxygen is utilized, it becomes carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is brought back to the lungs by the blood passing through the veins, another kind of vessel. The lungs in turn eliminate the carbon dioxide upon exhalation.

For a detailed an elaborate view of the whole process, watch the circulatory system video below.